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Why RECYCLE and REFURBISH your trophies?

As a high school choral director for over 30 years, and realizing that after accumulating trophies for more than 20 years, with shelves, cupboards and boxes overflowing, that they needed to go – but where? After several conversations with colleagues, I discovered that they were throwing them away. To be true to my concern of being GREEN, I have traveled around the country collecting “used” trophies and have restored them to their original beauty.

  • Earn Money - If you have more than 50 trophies and plaques, TC reTrophy will buy them from you.
  • Save Money - Buying refurbished trophies/plaques will save your organization money.
  • Save the planet - Throwing recyclable material in the trash will only feed the landfills.
  • Set an example - Young people are already thinking green. Show them how it's done.
  • Clean out those closets and cupboards - Storing them in closets and cupboards serves no purpose.  Help others by purchasing refurbished trophies and plaques.

Terry Voss of TC reTrophy

Coleman Voss of TC reTrophy

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