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How does it work?

Recycle your old trophies and plaques

  1. You gather up all your old trophies and plaques
  2. Arrange for the trophies/plaques to be picked up or ship them to us
  3. We disassemble the old trophies/plaques in our warehouse
  4. We replace columns replaced, match colors, change years, move placements and touch bases
  5. We reassemble trophies/plaques to be sold separately or in sets
  6. We recycle any unusable parts including plastic, marble, glass and metal.
If you have more than 50 trophies, we will make a $100.00 (typically) dontation to your school or organization

Donate your old trophies and plaques

If you wish to donate your trophies to a good cause, we will come to your organization or pay for shipping of your trophies to us and make a donation to your organization.

Buy refurbished trophies and plaques

  1. See how refurbished trophies/plaques look just like new. Gallery
  2. See how much you'll save. Check out our pricing
  3. Call us for availability & style choices - 612 670 7656
  4. We engrave your trophies/plaques or provide name plates for your own engraving
  5. We deliver or ship your shiny new trophies/plaques right to you.

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